Are solar panels good for the home?

Many people are finding that is better to try to install solar panels to produce enough energy to power their home. When you consider all the other alternative methods to produce power to your home you have to consider what is going to be the safest way in order to do so. Windmills are a little bit dangerous because they are a freestanding structure that has the potential to blow down if they are not securely tethered to the ground. There are many reasons why people prefer solar panels to any other type of server energy source. Here a few reasons why you might want to consider getting a solar panel for your home instead of a different type of power plant to produce electricity for your home.

The one thing that solar panels have going for them is that they collect the rays of the sun. As they collect the sun’s rays, they convert that energy into electricity for your home. The nice thing about solar panels is that they can be attached to just about anywhere as long as they are able to get direct sunlight. Without any sunlight, it will be hard for the solar panel to do its job to produce electricity for your home. These panels have to be in direct sunlight and able to turn so that they can be in constant direct sunlight. Many people attach them to the roof of the house to make sure that they will be in constant sunlight.

Another great benefit about having a solar panel to produce power for your home is that they do not take up that much space. If you are mounting these panels on your roof, they will be out of the way without even being seen. This is something that will greatly affect how well they will produce electricity because you will not have people messing around with panels. Mounting these solar panels of the way and out of mind will be the best thing for your house.

Another thing that you have to think about when you are considering an alternative power supply to produce electricity for your home is the amount of wasted electricity that you could lose during the transfer. Transferring electricity from one place to another is something that has to be done. You have to be able to store the amount of electricity that you are not using without it being lost in space. Many storage devices will store enough electricity that will power your house just in case the sun is not out for a while.

All about hydrogen fuel cell generators

Oil has taken its toll on the world, especially on the environment. Additionally, gas prices definitely would have made a dent on your budget as well. Many people are decrying the rising oil prices, yet it can’t be helped because oil is a scarce resource. So much so that while the supply is steadily being depleted, the demand remains the same, or it has increased. Global warming has also been said to be largely caused by car emissions. Some people try to solve this problem by opting not to drive anymore. While this is a viable solution, it is often inconvenient. After all, public transportation can only take you so far.

However, researchers are already hard at work on a perfect solution that will save the environment, your money, and your sanity as well. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator is a recent technology that can enable your car to utilize water as fuel.

Water-powered cars do not necessarily run on water alone. Unfortunately, there is no available technology yet for that. Current technology that uses water as fuel makes use of a combination of gasoline and water in order to run the car. This can improve your gas mileage by up to 100%, depending on the age, type of car, and other factors. Because you utilize the same amount of fuel for more mileage, you will be able to save more money. A normal traveler can even save up to 1000 dollars each year.

Many are wary about the new system, saying that it is costly and difficult to build. This is a common misconception that must be corrected. Actually, there are already numerous step-by-step instructions available on video or on the internet. All you need is some patience and optimism, as it can take up to three hours to build. When looking at it in a whole new perspective, the work you do for three hours is nothing compared to what you can potentially save.

The materials for your own home-made hydrogen fuel cell generator are not at all costly. You might be tempted to buy the most expensive tools and materials, but cost does not directly translate to quality in this case. However, there is no use in penny-pinching if your system will break down after just a few days. It is recommended that you buy a complete manual that can detail all the materials you will need. Its authors should already be experts in this technology. If you follow their instructions religiously, you will end up spending only 150 dollars for your materials.

Installing a hydrogen fuel cell generator can be the best decision you will make when it comes to budgeting. With rising gas prices that affect even the cost of public transportation, converting your car is not only practical but environment-friendly as well.

Limnic Eruption At Lake Nyos

Limnic eruption, also known as Lake Overturn, is a rare natural disaster that consists of carbon dioxide suddenly erupting from deep lakes which may cause suffocation of wildlife, livestock and humans. There is a possibility that a limnic eruption may also cause a small tsunami in the lake as the carbon dioxide rises to the surface, displacing water. There have been evidence that landslides, volcanic activity, or explosions may set off the lake eruption. The occurrence of this natural disaster is dependent on its proximity to volcanic activity. Carbon dioxide saturation usually happens due to volcanic activity or decomposition of organic matter.

Lake Nyos is a lake that was formed in a volcanic crater in the Northwest Region of Cameroon located in west Central Africa. It has a surface area of 1.58 kilometres squared; a maximum depth of 208 metres and its water volume is 0.15 kilometres cubed. The lake lies within the Oku Volcanic Field, positioned close to the northern boundary of the Cameroon Volcanic Line. Villages situated near the lake include Cha, Nyos, Munji, Djingbe and Subum. A volcanic eruption that took place about 400 years ago formed a volcanic crater which was filled with water and is known today as Lake Nyos. Even though the lake is located within an extinct volcano, magma still exists under it. It is estimated that a pool of magma dwells 80 kilometres directly below the lake.

The disaster that took place on August 21, 1986 at Lake Nyos killed an estimate of 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock within 25 kilometres of the lake. The limnic eruption released about 1.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which ascended into the water’s surface at 100 kilometres per hour. It is not certain of what caused the eruption but geologist suspect a landslide; others believed that a miniscule volcanic eruption took place on the bed of the lake.

Approximately 4,000 inhabitants fled the area of the eruption, many of these people developed respiratory problems and paralysis as an after effect of the gases. On a regular basis, the lake’s water is blue but turned deep red as the carbon dioxide bursts through the water and rises to the surface. The water level of the lake dropped by about a metre and trees in the vicinity of the lake were all knocked down. Evidence gathered by scientist has shown that 91 metres of water and foam formed at the surface of the lake after the overturn. The massive amount of water rising so suddenly caused so much turbulence that a 24 metre wave formed which washed the entire shore of one side.

A solution has been developed by a team of French scientists to remove the carbon dioxide gas from limnically active lakes such as Lake Nyos in order to prevent another catastrophe like the 1986 disaster. By using siphons, the scientists were able to degas the waters of the lakes, which is a processing in which gas is removed using a pipe position vertically in the lake to the surface of the water. The carbon dioxide gas is then diverted out of the water through the pipeline to the surface in small amounts. As the water rises to the surface, carbon dioxide gas comes out of solution and forms bubbles.

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What is the name of that solar powered MP3 player?

I was watching G World on Planet Green and saw a solar powered MP3 player. Does anyone know the name of it so I could buy it?

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What do you do to make the world “green”?

I try to use less energy. as well as limiting my driving. i am trying to talk my parents into a hybrid car.  What are you doing?

Understanding what is green energy

Green energy has been around for many years. People are just now starting to understand how it works and what you need to do in order to stop leaving your carbon footprint all over the planet. Even though many people do not understand why green energy is so important they are, beginning to realize what it means to the environment and all of their surroundings. When you think of green energy, many things come to mind. Here are some things they need to keep in mind when you think the green energy because it will to affect the world you live in.

Green energy is a renewable resource to that does not go away. Green energy will be around for many years because it is a renewable resource and new technology is developing new ways to incorporate how to use its natural wonders to produce power. Since there are so many different sources you can use in order to find the proper energy source for you, you have to be able to do your research to find out that is going to be the best for you and your family.

There are many things that you need to think about when you are considering using green energy to power your home. You have to be able to choose the rights source of power so that you will be able to power your entire home. You also have to consider what source of power you want to use because of each structure has different criteria that it has to meet in order to stand freely. Even though there are some structures that do not have to be on the ground or take a space in your yard, you need to plan accordingly to make sure they do have enough room in order to put your power plant.

The one thing that you do not have to worry about when it comes to the production of electricity with green energy is that it does not leave the carbon footprint make up their energy sources such as coal or fossil fuels. You will be able to help the environment by providing your own power through renewable energy sources.

Top causes of climate change

The rate of climatic change that is occurring in our planet is happening at an alarming rate. What is even more damaging is the fact that we try to look away from the dangers that are lurking for us. We often try to deny the fact the time is running out. And the alarming part is that we human are solely responsible for all the environmental damages and the drastic alteration in the climatic conditions is a result of our mindless greed for development and progress. Emission of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, rising temperatures, rise in pollution level, that we see today is because of unchecked human activities.

The dramatic change that we are experiencing in terms of weather change is nothing but manifestation of the environmental damages that has been caused by humans. The big question that arises is whether the climatic changes that threaten every species present on our planet is a natural phenomenon or is it because of human activities?

Changes in the climatic conditions are natural and we often did not pay much attention to it until recently. The massive rate at which the weather is changing has made us all sit up and take notice. Sadly enough climatic changes are irreversible in nature and some of the causes, which have led to such phenomenal climate changes, are discussed as follows.

A change in the sun which is the primary source of energy of our planet has led to global warming. Though a natural phenomenon, but altering solar pattern can have serious consequences.

The way earth revolves around the sun can have an impact on the climatic condition of on our planet. Earth’s revolution around the sun causes the seasonal changes that we experience at different point of time in a year. Volcanic eruption can release different matter in the atmosphere leading to changes in the local environment.

Along with the above mentioned natural causes, there are man-made causes that have led to irreversible climatic changes. Human activities such as mindless deforestation, rampant use of fossil fuels, rapid industrialization, and increased use of automobiles have led to irreparable environmental damages.

So it is our duty to stop all those activities that may result in devastating impacts. As a modern man, we should be responsible to preserve our natural resources and help the Mother Earth to retain its green glory. It is also not too late and if we can take proper measures, we can contribute in retaining the pleasant climatic condition to a great extent.

Individual effort to reduce carbon emissions

It is up to each and every one of us to contribute to the reduction of our annual carbon emissions to help save and protect the environment as best we can. When it comes to transportation, the advice includes using public transport more instead of the personal car or even switching to 100% ecologic alternatives, like bikes or electric scooters. If you have an electric car you can of course use it as often as you like. As for transportation for tourism, we should choose to enjoy vacations more close to home, to help reduce airplane fuel pollution in our atmosphere. If you do decide to use your car for transportation you should be aware that the optimal speed agreed upon by experts for reducing carbon emissions is believed to be at an average of 90 kilometers per hour.

For reducing carbon emissions at home, there are several ways of action. If we have an environment friendly computer, we have the option of lowering its power consumption, and CO emissions as well, and some even have counters that show exactly how much we saved.

There are online sites that have free clicks that generate revenue that is used to fight carbon emissions: at “” we can help offset 4 pounds of carbon dioxide daily and at “” we can use reward butterflies to distribute as much as we like toward, a site that has projects of reducing carbon emissions by involving renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation in their activities.

Recycle all that you can because items and products created from recycled materials require less energy in the production process. This also means less garbage and more reused stuff, which is a benefit for saving nature as well.

You should of course consider energy efficient appliances for all your house, and go for these types of products over your old ones. If you are worried about expenses, you should know that over time you will get your investments back through power saving.

Also, for cutting back on carbon emissions and saving power and money at home, remember to unplug all electronic devices (even chargers not in use) because if they are left on standby, they still use power. Shut down lights, television sets, radios and computers when you are not using them, that also helps.

Use environment friendly gifts for your loved ones like plants or donations to your chosen charity that helps protect nature.

How climate change can give birth to infectious diseases

Infectious diseases are those diseases that can spread from one person to another through various environmental factors such as air, water, and direct contact and through certain medical procedure such as blood transfusion. Many microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and parasites are known as causative agents of many infectious diseases that can spread from one part of the world to another due to increased human movement. Many diseases that were known to occur among a small population has now spread globally since infected individuals could travel from one part of the globe to another in matter of hours carrying the infectious agent with himself and affecting many people in the process. Spread of bird flu is a classic example of rapid spread of infectious diseases all over the world. Spread of HIV in the early 80s also shows how HIV + individual took the disease out of Africa and spreading it all over the world. Growing gay population and the practice of having multiple partners only added to the trouble.

Climatic changes are one of the leading causes of giving birth to new and novel diseases that were not there previously. High rainfall leads to stagnant water that attracts many insects including mosquitoes, these parasites carry many disease, causing microorganisms that rapidly spread through mosquito bite. All it takes is one bite from these dangerous parasites and the infected human carries the disease with him and affects many people he /she come across. And the matter is that these disease-causing viruses are spreading at a fast race like West Nile virus is too rapid to contain. Rift valley fever and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome are few examples of such diseases.

Every event that occurs in the environment has an impact on the human health. Forests are covered with thick plantation that harbors ticks which are known to cause Lyme disease, under such situation plantation of new forest areas can invite these ticks, and rapid urbanization too can have rapid impact on the climatic condition leading to outbreak of various diseases.

Urban set ups can support only a limited population, rapid urbanization has led to cramped spaces where many people are forced to live in order to sustain themselves. Too many people are compelled to sustain with limited resources, utility lines for water and electricity are overburdened due to population pressure. Such unhygienic living condition causes infectious diseases such as cholera, which is water-borne disease, and dengue that is spread by mosquitoes. As living conditions change so does the diseases, people often suffer from persistent conditions such as allergies and asthma, which are not considered as life threatening but many life threatening diseases are lurking in the darkness that threaten our very existence.

Global warming and climate change: A direct relationship affecting our planet

Global warming and climate change
Is the Earth warming?

Is this warming is caused by pollution?

Will the change in climate bring violent weather, storms, floods, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, desertification of large areas etc.?

All these issues are exciting and controversial. It is logically so because we are talking about a problem with serious implications on the lives of millions of people. The scientific evidence is not entirely clear, but in 1995 the leading international body that oversees all research on this issue, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wrote in one of its reports: “The body of evidence suggests some degree of human influence on global climate.”

The Climate is Variable

Throughout the 4,600 million years of Earth history, climatic fluctuations have been very large. At some times, the weather has been warm and other cold and sometimes, we have moved sharply from one situation to another. Thus, for example:

Some periods of the Mesozoic Era (225 – 65 million years BP) have been the warmest of which we have reliable evidence. The average temperature of the Earth was about 5° C higher than today. In the relatively recent past 1.8 million years, there have been several extensive glaciations alternating with periods of warmer climate, similar to the present.

Greenhouse Effect

Inside a greenhouse, the temperature is higher than outside because it takes more energy coming out, by the very structure of the cabin, we use to heat. In the whole of the Earth, a similar effect is produced through similar natural heat retention due to some atmospheric gases. It is called greenhouse, however, in reality the physical action that occurs is completely different from what happens in the greenhouse plants.

The greenhouse effect makes the average surface temperature of earth is 33° C higher than it would be, if there were no greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

What produces the Greenhouse Effect?

The greenhouse effect arises because the energy from the sun, coming from a very high body temperature, consists of high frequency waves through the atmosphere with great ease. The energy transmitted outwards from Earth, coming from a much colder body is in the form of waves of lower frequencies, and is absorbed by greenhouse gases. This retention of energy causes the temperature to become higher, but we must understand that ultimately, under normal conditions, it is equal to the amount of energy reaching the Earth.

Otherwise, the temperature of our planet would have been increasing steadily, which fortunately has not happened.

Climate Change

Logically, many scientists think that higher concentration of greenhouse gases will cause further increase in temperature on Earth. In 1979, scientists began to argue that a doubling in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would mean an average warming of the Earth’s surface between 1.5 and 4.5° C.

More recent studies suggest that warming will occur more rapidly over land than overseas. Heating also occurs with increased delay compared to the concentration of greenhouse gases. At first, colder oceans tend to absorb a large part of the additional heat delaying warming. Only when the oceans reach equilibrium level with the highest levels of carbon dioxide, it will produce the final heating.

The more recent studies indicate that in recent years there has been, in fact, an increased average temperature of the earth of a few tenths of a degree. Given the enormous complexity of factors affecting the climate, it is very difficult to know whether this temperature rise is within the natural variability (due to natural factors) or is due to increased greenhouse effect caused by human activity.

To analyze the relationship between different variables and climate change, computational models of enormous complexity are used. There are different models of this type and, although there are some differences between them, it is significant that they all predict a direct relationship between increase in average global temperature and increased concentrations of greenhouse gases.