Could green energy help with climate change?

The world has become incredibly dependant on energy sources, mainly because they have moved towards an industrialized society. As our needs increase, the countries need for energy would increase as well. When energy consumption grows over the capacity that we are able to sustain, there will become a very huge problem that the entire world would need to deal with. Today, most of the countries are using non-renewable energy sources, such oil, natural gas and coal. Due to these energy sources, both our environment and future well being is being disturbed. By going fully into green energy, we will be able to avoid any further effects on global warming and climate change.

There are millions of vehicles in the world today and all of them use fuel as its primary energy source. Fuel causes pollution, which directly increases global warming effects. Why is that? This is simply because of the green house gases that are being emitted into the air. In the end, all these effects cause major disturbances in the climate change and its patters. What is climate change? Climate change is the concept where human activity causes a change in weather patterns over a specific region. Global warming simply tells us by what percentage the weather has changed due to green house gases.

Today, you may be experiencing different weather conditions as opposed to what you may have experienced the same time three years ago. In Canada, winter was still around during the middle of May, which is something that never has happened. Many environmentalists have quoted this to be due to climate change and its effects caused by green house gases. So, in essence, you would be able to help with reducing the effects of climate change by switching to green energy. When you use renewable energy sources to power appliances, lights and equipment; you will be able to save money and help the environment.

Due to the increased need for energy, oil companies are digging up and land and emitting tons of pollution into the air. When more than fifty percent of the world is using non-renewable energy sources, it would end up causing a very high count of pollutants in the air. When pollutants and carbon dioxide content is high in the air, it goes right into the ozone, create the black hole we’ve all heard about. In order to reduce the affects of climate change on our country, we should all engage in green energy sources, such as wind power, solar power, bio-fuels, geothermal energy and hydro power. All these sources are renewable, which means that the original source could be recycled numerous times for the creation of electricity.

As a country, we’ve dug deep into energy resources that harm the environment, so the only thing we can do at this point is to choose alternative energy resources. As mentioned before, you should start looking into green energy for your home. If you are willing to; you install solar panels in the home, so that you could diminish the amount of electricity you use, which is produced from non-renewable resources.

Cloud patterns and the climate

The researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand have revealed their measurements of global average cloud height in the first decade of the twenty-first century. In the ten-year period, the global cloud height has dropped by 1%, or around 30 to 40 metres everywhere in the world. These numbers may seem insignificant, but 10 years is a short period considering earth’s history. The decline in cloud altitude in such a short period means something quite important might be going on. Read More

Climate Change And Conservation

Climatic changes are apparent from the changing weather and altering seasonal patterns. Our planet is undergoing tremendous transformation in terms of climate. Temperatures are at all time high and it is expected that it is going to rise in the coming years as well. Almost every aspect of nature is going through dramatic changes, storms are severe and so are wind, ocean level are rising drastically, bringing along with it floods and droughts that create havoc in our lives. Animals, plants, and microorganisms have to adapt to the ever changing factors of the climate in order to survive. Changing ecosystem can accommodate only those who are able to adjust to the changes.

Though environmental concerns do worry us, but not much is done at the administrative level throughout the world. Our approach toward environmental causes remains the same and we fail to understand the importance of conservation of natural resources and protection of endangered species.

Modern conservation looks beyond protecting forests and wild spaces from industrial development and pollution. The idea is to restore the ecosystem of an area to its native form. The entire emphasis is laid on the fact that the invaded ecosystem has to be reestablished to its prior form as it was before the invasion took place. Alteration in the natural landscape occurs with the advent of highly competitive ‘aliens’ species and they threaten the very existence of the natural ecosystem.

Environmental changes has been always been resisted by conservationists and preservationists. Environmental managers have in the past, introduced newer species hoping to increase the biodiversity and value of the resources and different natural zone. These new thriving species are now considered to be threats to the biodiversity and ways are being found to control their growth. These invasive species are being removed systematically with the help of insects and fungi, which selectively kill them, other methods such as poisons and bulldozers and chainsaws are also used for clearing these so called invasive species.

By eliminating fast growing variety they hope to remove some competition and make the natural area more cordial for their natural inhabitants. Foreign species are selectively removed by various methods so that endangered species have a better chance to survive. It is really disheartening to see that most of the environmental strategies fail to generate any positive result because of the environmental changes that threaten the good cause of conservation.

Climate change suggests that every individual species has to readapt itself with the ever changing nature of the environment in order survive. Every species of plant, birds, mammal, insects, bacteria, fungi, and even viruses are subjected to climate changes. Native ecosystem from the past is no longer supportive to its inhabitants and many of them are at the verge of extinction.

Climate change suggests that we can no longer experience weather that was there centuries ago. It also means that the environments can no longer support species from the past only those which can adapt to the changes stand a chance. This rapid change also promises to affect human civilization in the near future.

Top Profitable Ways To Be Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient and eco-conscious shouldn’t be something that people need convincing to do – after all, it benefits them to a huge degree. Someone who is eco-conscious doesn’t only do less damage to the planet, but will normally have a lot of money and make themselves healthier in the process. If you aren’t tempted to go green for the sake of the planet then, then there are plenty of monetary incentives that might just win you over. Here we will look at some of the top examples of green lifestyle changes that will also please your bank manager… Read More

Sunflowers Inspiring Solar Scientists

Since their popularization, one of the biggest drawbacks to solar panels has been finding somewhere suitable on your property to place them to soak up as much sun as possible. For those without south-facing roofs, this has been an uphill struggle, but new technology from the University of Wisconsin Madison inspired by the simple sunflower could be about to change that.

Although there are solar power systems on the market which use GPS to attempt to reposition the panel throughout the day and catch the most sunlight, this method is not as efficient as it could be, as it requires motors to power the panels. The lack of a dynamic reaction to the sun’s position also means that the groups won’t necessarily be catching as much sunlight as they could.

In response to this problem, researchers at the University have developed a new solar power system that is inspired by the reaction of sunflowers towards sunlight: the heliotropism adaptation found in sunflowers means that they will track the sun throughout the day by rotating to position each leaf to grab the most sun. The researchers sought to replicate this behavior in their new solar panel design which utilizes a new material called liquid crystalline elastomer (LCE).

The LCE is paired up with carbon nanotubes that can absorb a broad range of light wavelengths. This drives the system naturally in a similar manner to sunflowers. The University explains: “When sunlight hits a mirror underneath the solar panel it is focused onto one of the multiple actuators made up of LCE infused with carbon nanotubes. The temperature of the carbon nanotubes increases as they absorb light, creating a heat differential between the environment and inside the actuator which causes the LCE to shrink. The result is that the entire assembly bends towards the strongest source of sunlight.

As the sun travels across the sky, the actuators will cool and re-expand, and new ones will shrink and the panel will track over the 180 degrees of sky that the sun occupies over the course of the day.”

Tests carried out by the University have so far proven the increase in efficiency of 10 percent while using this method. This increase is colossal considering that to date other panel improvements have only netted increases of a few percent at best. The other obvious benefit to this system is that because it is driven by a passive, natural response there are no motors and thus no additional energy required to power it.

The system is still in the proof of concept stage for the time being, but the team at the University is currently developing larger panels that utilize the technology to take it to the next step.

It’s not just the University of Wisconsin Madison that has been inspired by sunflowers: researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been working with RWTH Aachen University in Germany have been working on a project in a bit to increase sunlight exposure to panels using mirrors that was inspired by the spirals on the face of the flower. Scientists realize there is a lot we can learn about protecting the environment from the environment itself and hopefully this will lead to more innovations inspired by our planet.

Tips To Save Energy Costs

Energy costs are going up, and it gets harder and harder to pay the high energy costs. It is not difficult, though, to save energy. There are a few simple things that you can do to save energy, and cut your energy bill every month. Make sure that your appliances are clean and well maintained. Your refrigerator, for example, will use more energy when the coils are dirty. Clean coils allow the air to flow more freely, making your fridge more efficient. You can also save energy by cleaning or replacing your furnace and air conditioner filters.

Seal up drafts. Check around your doors and windows, and note where there are drafts. If you have significant gaps around the door or window frame, you can find foam at your local home improvement store to help seal the holes. You can find seals to go at the bottom of the door to seal gaps and prevent heat loss in the winter, and to keep the cold air in the summer.

Unplug any unnecessary appliances and electrical devices when they are not in use. Many appliances use electricity even when they are not on. Unplugging them when they are not being used will save energy.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to lower your energy bills. Just take a look around your house. What can you do to make your appliances more efficient? What does not need to be plugged in? Where is heat escaping? Just making these simple changes will help you to save energy.

What Does An Environmental Engineer Do?

Many of us wonder what an environmental engineer does. It can be hard to understand why they are needed, and how they contribute to society. The truth of the matter is, they play a significant role in companies. A lot of their tasks involve measures that help keep us, and the living things living around us, safe. A Wisconsin environmental engineer knows how to take resources from the environment in the safest way possible. They can execute a drill for oil, a coal mining trip, and a factory fishing farm while keeping it safe for the environment around us. That’s really why their jobs such an important role. A lot of them work with companies to prevent lawsuits. Oil companies are used all the time because of the damage they do to the environment. They are hired to minimize these events. Of course, they can’t prevent them entirely. They do end up saving the company some money. That’s why so many businesses are willing to hire them. Read More

Top profitable ways to be energy efficient

Being energy efficient and eco-conscious shouldn’t be something that people need convincing to do – after all, it benefits them to a huge degree. Someone who is eco-conscious doesn’t only do less damage to the planet, but will usually save a lot of money and make themselves healthier in the process. If you aren’t tempted to go green for the sake of the planet then, then there are plenty of monetary incentives that might just win you over. Here we will look at some of the top examples of green lifestyle changes that will also please your bank manager… Read More

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